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“The 6 ‘I’s® Yes, You Can Innovate Taster Session clarifies not only your own, but everyone’s strengths and role in the innovation process. It was enlightening to understand how we can all contribute to help ensure innovation projects will succeed. We see it as a great tool and method to access how to build a great team and make sure that innovation becomes a reality and not just a great idea on paper.” 

Helena Eliasson, Head of People and Brand People Solutions & Jenny McCarthy, People Insight, Telia Company

“Many companies are increasingly keen to challenge traditional thinking and innovate. But this does not come by itself. The 6 ‘I´s® Innovation Model is a powerful tool to build diverse teams and to monitor the innovation process in a more systematic and circular way. It gives a fresh, non-traditional and holistic view on the innovation process.”

Monica Westerberg, Diversity manager, Skanska Sweden

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